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+Bride having makeup applied

+Bride finishing touches on hair

+Groomsmen gelling hair, adjusting tie, etc.

+Close ups of flowers, decorations, jewelry, etc.

+Wedding rings

+Candids of Bridal Party joy

+Dress being tied or zipped up

+Mother daughter moment

+Bridal Party jumping on a bed

+Bride looking in the mirror

+Bridal party looking at bride in awe

+First Look

+Family Photos on both sides

+Bride Tribe Photos - goofy, serious, and sweet

+Groom and Best Man

+Bride and Maid of Honor


+Shots of the property

+Each individual walking down the aisle

+Expression on Groom's face when bride walks down the aisle

+Bride walking down the aisle

+Bride and Groom together

+Sentimental parts of ceremony

+Close up of vows

+The kiss!


+Excitement with friends and family


+Newlyweds - can never have enough!

+Bride with mother

+Bride with father

+Bride with both parents

+Bride and Groom with her immediate family

+Groom with mother

+Groom with father

+Groom with both parents

+Groom and Bride with his immediate family

+Bride and Groom with both immediate families

+Bride and Groom with Bride Tribe

+Bride and Groom with Groomsmen

+Bride and Groom with flower girl and ring bearer

+Bride and Groom with Wedding Party


+Property and decoration shots

+Cake shots

+Guests interacting

+Grand Entrance Bride and Groom

+Close ups of pouring champagne

+Close ups of toasts

+Bride and Groom taking selfies with friends

+Newlyweds' first dance

+Father daughter dance

+Mother son dance

+Cake cutting

+Throwing the bouquet

+Bride and Groom's Exit

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